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Upcoming Events / Collaboration

We regularly collaborate with our partners either at 6 Letter Coffee (Tanjong Katong) or 6 Letter Brunch (Frankel Avenue. Watch this space for our upcoming events / collaborations!

Strength Games 2023 Higher Performance
6 Letter Coffee Protein Smoothie6 Letter Refuel
6 Letter Coffee Refuel Menu The Scrambler
6 Letter Coffee Protein Smoothie Berry Good
6 Letter Coffee Protein Smoothie PB Shake
6 Letter Coffee Refuel Menu Smash Hitsr

6 Letter Coffee X Higher Performance
Strength Games 2023

Come on down to support the Strength Games participants challenging themselves to set a new record! If you have not sign up, hurry down to sign up limited spots left! Sign up now!

Come enjoy our smoothie protein shakes - also a collaboration gym menu with Higher Performance after the competition! 

A shout out to Strength Games Participants: Come down to our cafe 6 Letter Coffee at Tanjong Katong after the games to enjoy special privileges!

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